I develop iOS Applications and create content.


I'm writing about iOS App Development, Productivity, Tech News, and Tech Discussions

About Me

You can find information about who I am, what I'm doing, and my previous experiences in the industry


I have been developing iOS applications for four years, but I have a broad history of development and technology since 2010.

About Me

Who Am I?

I’m Ege Sucu. I was born in Istanbul on 25th May 1995. I was always interested in knowledge, so following tech news was not foreign to me.  I started to use the personal computer when I was 7 with our family PC. My first personal computer came in when I was graduated from elementary school at the age of 14.

Content Creator Career

I played browser games, learned to write some scripts, and learned to build basic websites. At that time, I discovered technologies such as Vbulletin, Joomla, and static HTML. I was also fond of reading tech news and discussing it with my friends. In 2012, I began to write articles on tech news on a news blog. I discovered WordPress, SEO tools, page optimizations, and how to write articles to benefit readibility effectively. After 2-3 Blogs, I decided to open my Blog and bought egesucu.com.


I worked on blog articles while studying Business & Trade at the Austrian School of St. George in Beyoglu. However, it was not my attention to continue and become an accountant, lawyer, or trade person. I have always loved what I could create on the Internet. So, I worked in Math & Science and got into Computer Engineering at Istanbul Bilgi University.

There I began learning programming, engineering fundamentals, and how to run a project to find a solution from A to B.


I began to learn to program in Java, and quickly, I was overwhelmed to solve minor problems using it. However, the area where Java was used did not interest me much. I was using an iPhone and loved how devs managed to write incredible apps on it that made my life easier. So I sold my six years of Windows experience to get a MacBook Air and started to learn Swift. 

At the beginning of my learning, I was in the community named TurkishKit, which taught high schoolers how to program in Swift. I improved myself by writing articles about basics on the Medium blog and teaching others about my knowledge.

I started to publish my app Pet Reminder. In my last year at the university, I wrote an application for the school’s museum, including an introduction of the place with Augmented Reality, and won the thesis project. 



1-month Internship as an iOS Developer

  • Understanding CRM Applications

1-month Internship as Internal Database Developer

  • Understanding SAAS solutions
  • Working with IBM Cloud
  • Managing Customer Database, Improving the Data


1-month Internship as Software Engineer

  • Worked with Web Development such as HTML, CSS, JS
  • Developed Console apps with Python, C#

One month internship

  • Understanding of computer components
  • Quality & Warranty checks, repair guide

Work Experience

Software Engineer

  • Developing YapiKrediMobil mobile app

iOS Developer Specialist

  • Understanding of CRM applications
  • Worked in aviation & remote work
  • Maintain & Develop enterprise applications for Pegasus, Koc Group, and Turkcell

Co-Founder & Mobile Developer

  • Understanding Startups
  • Managing startup identity
  • Building an Application from Skeleton
  • Working with Customers with different projects
  • Investment Presentations & Network Management