My name is

I'm an iOS Developer and Content Creator


I’m maintaining WordPress Websites since 2013 as Content Creator. I have been developing iOS apps since 2017. Beginning of 2020, I began to develop also in Kotlin for Android Programming and SwiftUI for iOS. I also do Sketch designs, consulting on the productivity, tech, hardware purchases and creating contents.

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  • Pinsoft
  • Softhion
  • Nordiksimit
  • TurkishKit
  • Freelance
  • IBM
  • Biltam

Developed  & Maintained CRM applications on iOS for the Enterprise Customers.

As a Co-Founder at Softhion, I develop mobile applications such as Museleon, SilahtARağa and Pet Reminder. I write iOS applications with Swift and android applications with Kotlin.

I published articles on Scandinavian culture.

I published articles on iOS Development and taught. In Studies I joined, I taught high school students about iOS Programming.

Following Apple's design trends, I developed small apps like cafe app and developed Pet Reminder. I worked on libraries such as UIKit, MapKit, EventKit and Firebase.

I learnt IBM Cloud Platform and managed the customer relational database.

I worked on Networking solutions and programmed in HTTP, JS, PHP, Python and C#.



Bilgi University

Computer Engineering Awarded Thesis: Digitalization of the Silahtarağa Power Plant

Austrian School

Trade School | Handelsgymnasium Diploma

My Work